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  • We deliver tailor-made management, sales or communication trainings to our company clients in the Czech Republic or anywhere else (Slovakia, Poland, Austria, Germany etc.).
  • We are reliable local Czech partner for global training projects. We customize the training content for the Czech participants while we make sure the global training goals are successfully achieved.
  • We help you to analyze, to manage and/or to restructure the human resources in your running business in the Czech Republic using our long-term consulting and coaching experience.

I founded the AZ SKILLS company in 2017. Although the company history is short, in training and consulting you usually look at the team. What kind of personalities is behind the firm´s brand? I am in the business for more than 24 years. My colleagues have similar or even longer experience.
Together we are a team of professional experts. We work together on concrete defined projects. You can see some of the clients we work for in the references section .

we believe in a professional approach

It is important for me to work for our clients with a team of experienced colleagues. The biggest plus is when the team is on the same mental wave lenght. This not means we are the same characters. But we believe in the same professional approach represented by responsibility towards our clients, passion for the job, honesty, ability to listen to customer´s needs. And last but not least – the strenght to recognise our own limits. We want to work and deliver only the best quality.

These are the features that were important for me to start the training, coaching and consulting as company business. I will be happy if we get in touch and work with you one day.

Dušan Jílek, CEO

  •    Favourite motto:
    Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later.
  •    Favourite quote:
    We are the ones we've been waiting for. 
  •    Our working attitude:
    Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.
  •    Our philosophy:
    To offer development and support in wide range of skills, from A to Z. 

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