communication with bulgarian employees

Communication with Bulgarian employees

The intercultural differences between Czech and Bulgarian mentality.

Currently, Czech companies employ more and more people from other - new - EU countries. Bulgaria is such example.

But the approach of Bulgarians in the working environment, their behaviour and communication are different.

There is a gap in mutual understanding. The language, the culture, the mentalities are different.

Czech firms are under pressure of delivery, work offen in just-in-time system, there is no time for adaptation.

During this seminar, learn more about Bulgaria and Bulgarians. About their mentality, the usual way of communication, about how they approach and solve conflicts etc.

Content of the seminar:

  • Key facts about Bulgaria, the economy and life
  • Bulgarian mentality - in everyday life and communication
  • What can be percieved as negative by Bulgarians
  • Trust and mistrust. Other aspects of communication in a working life
  • Basic phrases and words for mutual understanding
  • Shared experiences, discussion

Participants receive a short phrase book for first quick communication with Bulgarian employees.

PRESENTATOR: Mgr. Elena Krejčová, Ph.D.

DATE, TIME AND PLACE: to be discussed

REGISTRATION: in case you would like to participate in this workshop or organize this workshop for your employees, please let us know on

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Dušan Jílek


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